St. Paul’s Volleyball League: Our Volleyball League plays 2 seasons per year, Fall and Spring, with Pick-up games in the winter and summer. SPVL is a mix of St. Paul’s teams, other churches, and Volleyball League players from around the state. SPVL is open to anyone that would like to join a team. Games are played Wednesday Nights starting at 6pm. For more info, you can check out their website at, or our church Facebook:

Softball: We have 2 Softball teams, 1 Men’s and 1 Women’s. The Softball season is from late March – July. Women’s games are on Monday nights, the Men’s games are on Tuesday and Thursday nights. All home games are played at St. Paul’s on Blair Field. Eligibility to play, which is set by the league, is that you must attend at least 3 church functions per month that are not softball. These can be any of our worship services, 9am Sunday 10:45 Sunday or 7pm Wednesday, or any of the many studies or events we do during the week.

We have several groups that use our field/gym for their events:

The Black Dragons Lacrosse group uses our field and gym for practice once a month from January through June This is a travelling team run by Kim Gavaletz for grade school age kids. Their website is for more info.


Champion youth Cheerleading uses our gym once a week from October – January for practicing routines. They are a travelling team that is for grade school age kids. Their website is for more info.


Dare 2 B Fit camp uses our church the last week of June and all of July. They are a Sports Camp with approximately 150 kids per week that attend. Their website is for more info.


St. Peter’s Church in Pt. Pleasant uses our field in September and October for practice for their churches soccer team.