United Methodist Men

United Methodist Men of Saint Paul’s
Purpose Statement:

Grow – help each man grow in his knowledge of Christ, assist him in leading a life that is an example to others.

Serve – as men we will serve the Lord in our homes, in His Church, and then into the world with the gifts the Lord has bestowed on each of us.

Praise – encourage each man to participate in praise and worship. As men we will be an example through our regular attendance and worship, beginning in our home and church.

Share – help each man to share his testimony and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

My brothers, as Saint Paul’s begins a new year and as the fall brings with it a new Pastor, Youth Director, programs, projects and studies; it seems appropriate to remind ourselves as men of the United Methodist Church of our purpose and take stock of how we are living out these guiding principles. As doers of the word we find ourselves involved in every ministry of Saint Paul’s.

To help enable our purpose we must:

Support the pastor, Youth Director, and lay Leadership in all Saint Paul’s ministries.
Be prayer warriors and communicate needs among the men and others of the church.
Encourage knowledge of and support for the United Methodist Church’s mission of changing lives throughout the world.
Engage in evangelism by sharing the fullness of the gospel as it applies to our daily lives.
To be the men to stand in the gap by our living witness and to draw others to Christ by our examples.
Commit to becoming better disciples through prayer, study and service to others.
Become visible participants as United Methodist Men in the programs of the local church, district, conference and jurisdiction.
If we grow in our faith and the word by daily quiet time, prayer, and study or weekly studies, we make strong our foundation for being a living witness to others.

While we serve in whatever capacity the Holy Spirit has directed us, we will also find ourselves more sensitive to the opportunity for fellowship and praise while faithfully working at building each other up in discipleship in these various ministries.

Where we can do the most good is to take our experiences and blessings Jesus Christ has given us, and share them with those out in the mission field at our jobs, at the PTA meetings, on the soccer fields and wherever we are seen as we are the only Jesus many people see and meet.

By taking stock now of how we are following our purpose as United Methodist Men, we can be better ambassadors for Christ and bring other men closer to a saving knowledge of our Lord.

So let us: Grow, Serve, Praise, and Share using all our gifts in the unity of the Holy Spirit. To whom much is given, much is also expected and —

Lets Go Do Great Things Together!